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Malachite Chip Necklace with Vintage Golden Beads
Deeply green, stunning natural malachite chips set off with tiny vintage golden facted beads. 14k gf floral clasp.  Length: 16"
Amethyst & Mother of Pearl Choker Necklace
A shiny mother of pearl blossom with an Amethyst beaded center. Two strands of chunky Amethyst beads, apple jade and fresh water pearls. Sterling silver "S" clasp and Sterling 2" extender chain.  Length: 14" - 16"

Freshwater Pearl, Gemstone & Crystal Necklace
Amazing collection of stunning earth toned freshwater pearls, faceted citrine, tourmaline and garnet. Includes faceted Swarovski crystal. 14k gf floral clasp.   Length:  17"

Rose, Freshwater Pearl & Citrine Necklace
A natural yellow rose, permanently preserved in resin, is the centerpiece for this three-strand necklace.  Vibrant coppery pearls, faceted pale yellow citrine beads, and small light copper pearls. Strands, strung on silk, have a beautiful drape and can be twisted for a wonderful look.  14k gf clasp & 2" extender chain.  Length:  15"-17"

Amber & Sterling Silver Necklace
Natural amber beads in warm honey and transparent brown, translucent and lovely.  The pendant has wonderful inclusions and is asymetrially set in sterling silver.  Sterling silver clasp with 2" sterling extender chain.  Length: 16"-18"

Amber Resin Necklace
A very organic look! Large, showy resin beads in warm orange, yellow and translucent amber.  Metal beads enhance the rustic appeal. Pendant is made of amber resin and set in decorative metal.  Very interesting piece.

Amber Necklace With Ojime
Necklace with beautiful natural amber beads and wood beads. Pendant is a Mermaid Ojime carved from boxwood, featuring an amber heart charm.  Clasp is 14k gf with 2" gf extender chain.  Length:  15"-17"

Amethyst & Peridot Dangle Choker Necklace
Pure deep purple natural Amethyst and grass green Peridot necklace with a series of 14k gf chains with Periodot & Amethyst dangles.  Clasp is 14k gf and features an Amethyst bead.

Orchid & Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Natural orchid, permanently preserved in resin, drapes from a necklace of top-drilled creamy white freshwater pearls and natural Ametrine chunks.  Pearl dangles hand-wrapped with sterling silver wire onto sterling chain.  Clasp is sterling silver with 2" sterling extender chain.  Length:  16"-18"

Serpentine & Vintage Turquoise Glass Necklace
Also known as "New Jade," these yellow-green faceted beads are stunning.  Perfectly set off with vintage turquoise glass beads, the necklace features a sterling silver chain ladder with turquoise bead dangles. The Serpentine pendant has a cascade of turqoise beads wrapped in sterling silver wire.  Sterling silver clasp with 2" sterling extender chain.  Length: 15"-17"

Vintage Blue Drop Brass Necklace
A vintage blue dream! This necklace features vintage Swarovski crystal beads and vintage brass filagree beads.  The pendant is a stunning blue faceted glass in a vintage brass setting with a sparkly blue stone.  2" extender chain.  Length:  15"-17"

Carnelian Necklace with Three Choices
A necklace of multi-colored faceted Carnelian beads, hand-knotted on colorful silk thread, with a 14k gf clasp & 2" 14k gf extender chain is beautiful when worn alone.  Add one of the two faceted Carnelian pendants with 14k gf embellishments for variation.  Length:  15"-17"

Pale Yellow Orchid Necklace with Citrine
A beautiful natural orchid, permanently preserved in resin, gracefully hangs from a strand of pale faceted citrine pillow beads.  Citrine beads and tiny white freshwater pearls are hand-wrapped with sterling silver wire onto a sterling chain and dangle gracefully from the orchid.  Sterling silver clasp & 2" sterling silver extender chain.  Length:  15"-17"

Earthstones  Sterling Necklace
Necklace features three beautiful artist lampwork glass beads, combined with Tigereye, Leopardskin Jasper and Sterling Silver Beads.  A handmade sterling silver chain provides a unique finish to this one-of-a-kind necklace.  Length:  16"-20"

Onyx & Sterling Silver Necklace
Faceted deep black Onyx beads are strung together, finished with a sterling silver clasp & 2" sterling silver extender chain. 5 Onyx Briolettes, hand coiled with sterling silver wire, dangle from sterling chain which hangs from a fancy sterling tube.  All sterling is oxidized for an beautiful antiqued look.

Fine Silver Pendant

Pendant is formed from Precious Metal Clay, resulting in a pendant that is .999 silver. Fine Silver Elephant Pendant, featuring tiny simulated Sapphire stone (September's birthday!).  Pendant hangs from 15" black rubber necklace chain with sterling silver clasp.

Fine Silver "Mended Heart" Pendant
Pendant is formed from Precious Metal Clay, resulting in a pendant that is .999 silver. Part of my "Mended Heart" series, this fine silver pendant features a beautiful pink cubic zirconia as well as two tiny clear cubic zirconia stars.

Fine Silver  Textured Pendant Heart
Pendant is formed from Precious Metal Clay, resulting in a pendant that is .999 silver. Another fine silver pendant with a bezel set red garnet stone.

Fine Silver Star Pendant with an Agate
Pendant is formed from Precious Metal Clay, resulting in a pendant that is .999 silver.  The stone has been set after the pendant was fired in a kiln

"The Garden of Eden" Copper & Bead Necklace
Hand-coiled copper wire segments with vintage glass beads form this interesting one-of-a-kind necklace.  Look closely at the two apple beads, complete with coiled serpents, hence the name of this necklace!  One of my favorite creations.  Length:  19"

Lampwork Paddles & Spears Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain
This necklace was designed using beautiful glass beads from Blueheeler Glass. The chain is oxidized sterling silver with a sterling silver clasp & a 3" extender chain.  Length: 15" - 18"

Beaded Crocheted Necklace with Sterling Silver, Crystal and Glass Beads.
A stunning 22" necklace of olive green, apple green and turquoise glass beads, hand crocheted and finished with two embellished sterling silver bead caps and a sterling silver toggle clasp.  The removable centerpiece, formed by hand coiling the beads onto sterling silver wire, is hung from a beaded ring.  The centerpiece features sterling silver Hilltribe beads, Czech & Austrian Crystal & vintage glass beads.

Hilltribe Sterling Silver Necklace
Beautiful handcrafted sterling silver beads, from the Hilltribe craftspeople of Thailand, are strung on this simple but elegant necklace.   The beads are strung onto oxidized sterling silver chain with a sterling silver clasp and a 2" extender.  Length:  15"-17"

Lapis Necklace with Filagree Pendant
These faceted, graduated Lapis beads have the most intense blue color. The pendant showcases a beautifully beveled stone in a stunning sterling silver filagree setting.  The chain is oxidized sterling silver and clasp, with a 2" extender chain.  Length: 15" - 17"

Long Multi-Gemstone Necklace
This amazing necklace features many stunning large natural gemstones:  Amber, Chalcedony, Carved Jade, Coral, Turquoise, Tigereye, Agate, Rutilated Quartz and sterling silver beads.  Sterling silver clasp.  Length: 23"

Malachite Necklace
Exquisite large well-veined Malachite beads are hand-strung on green silk thread.  Fancy heart stering silver clasp.  Length:  20"

Single Strand Multi-Gemstone Necklace
An interesting array of natural gemstones in varying colors and shapes:  Mother of Pearl, Citrine, Turquoise, Peridot, Amethyst, Moonstone, quartz.  Sterling silver toggle clasp.  Length: 18"

Multi-Gemstone Dangle Necklace
A wonderful and graceful necklace, with a variety of natural gemstones hand coiled onto a sterling silver chain and dangling in a graduated arc.  Carnelian, Mother of Pearl, Moonstone, Tigereye, Lemon Quartz, Jade, Amethyst & Chalcedony.  Sterling clasp and 2" extender chain:  Length:  15"-17"

Russian Icon Heart Necklace
Faceted Black Onyx, Blue Onyx & Green Jade beaded necklace.  Pendant, a hand-painted lacquered heart, made in Russia, following the tradition of icon painting from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 14k gf clasp and 2" extender chain.  Length: 15"-17"

Carnelian Tilted Fused Heart Necklace
A necklace of smooth and faceted Carnelian beads, pumpkin freshwater pearls, green Jade beads, natural amber, with 14k gf clasp & 2" extender chain.  Pendant is stunning fused glass heart pendant by glass artist Jean Kent of New Terra Glass. 

Patchwork Quilt Fused Heart Pearl Necklace
A necklace of silver grey freshwater pearls and grass green faceted Swarovski crystals.  Pendant is a stunning fused glass patchwork quilt heart upon heart by glass artist Jean Kent of New Terra Glass.  Sterling silver heart clasp.  Length:  19"

Tourmaline Crystal & Pearl Necklace
Creamy white freshwater pearls, separated by tiny vintage faceted fuschia glass beads.  Pendant is beautiful clear crystal with pink undertones, handwrapped in 14kgf wire with tourmaline and pearl embellishments.  14kgf clasp and extender chain.  Length: 15"-17"

Fine Silver Tree of Life Necklace
Pendant formed from Precious Metal Clay, resulting in a pendant that is .999 silver.  Design on the pendant is a tree, with several tiny fine silver leaves added as embellishments.  The necklace has creamy white freshwater pearls, natural Ametrine beads, blue Chalcedony, Mother of Pearl beads and apple green vintage glass beads.

Tigereye Necklace
An exceptional necklace of tigereye - bright, chatoyant golden stones with contrasting chocolate bands.  Hand-strung on silk thread and finished with a 14k gf fancy floral clasp.

Garden Bead & Turquoise Necklace
Necklace with vibrant natural Turquoise discs, faceted Swarovski pink crystals and faceted Peridot gems. Pendant is a stunning artist bead with striking floral detail on both sides.  Sterling Silver Clasp & 2" extender chain.   Length: 16"-18"

Zuni Mosaic Two-Strand Necklace
Two strand necklace with natural turquoise, moonstone, mother of pearl, faceted onyx and sterling silver beads. Pendant is Zuni Firebird Inlay with jet, mother of pearl, coral and turquoise, set in sterling silver.  Sterling silver clasp and chain.  Length:  16"-18"

Carved Agate & Turquoise Bead Necklace
Beautifully veined turquoise tablet beads with copper freshwater pearls.  Pendant is hand-carved agate pendant.  Sterling silver clasp & 2" extender.  Length:  16"-18"

Vintage Opalescent Leaf Necklace
Necklace of faceted pale blue Chalcedony beads with a hint of pink, vintage pink dimpled Czech glass beads and tiny vintage brass spacer beads.  Pendant is large vintage opalescent veined glass leaf with vintage glass leaf and beaded dangles.  14k gf clasp & 2" extender.  Length:  16"-18"

Whimsical Fairy Necklace
A wonderful, whimsical necklace featuring the artwork of Karen Lorraine:  a hand-painted pendant of polymer clay, signed by the artist.  The necklace features beautiful handcrafted artist beads and two sterling affirmation beads: "dream" and "inspire".  The necklace is strung onto antiqued sterling chain with a sterling clasp and 2" extender.  Length: 16"-18"

These necklaces represent a sample of my collection.  I also enjoy doing custom work.  For more information or to purchase any of my jewelry, please email me:   Linda@BeadwitchedJewelry.com